31 August 2008

this week...

Hi all. Hope you and yours are well. Just wanted to let you know that we've had to cancel at least this next week of shows. Our first priority will always be family, and that's where our heads and hearts are now. We really appreciate your understanding.

So, Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Boise, and Salt Lake City - we promise we'll make it up to you next time around. As for this time, we're still trying to figure out when and where we'll resume. We'll let you know soon. Sorry, and thanks again.

the dudes

09 August 2008

This is what we look like on Morning Becomes Eclectic

Set list:
1. Northern Soul
2. Blue Day
3. A Lovely Game (which is brand new and tentatively-titled)
4. Helium Heels
[ interview ]
5./6./7. All the Hurry & Wait / Waves / Talking Words
8. Two Ways Out
9. Little Hands (by Skip Spence)

Fun fact: This is the room in which Steely Dan recorded Can't Buy a Thrill, Countdown To Ecstasy, Pretzel Logic, Aja, and Gaucho. Among others. And now, this.

05 August 2008


Is the day. It's like Christmas, the 4th of July, and Veteran's Day all rolled up into one rad Superday. Because not only is it our own Jared's hallowed birthday, it's also the day our second album - called 2, natch - hits the ground running.

Today's been a long time coming for us. We started the process last January, and finished recording in December. And now it's August. That's a long time. But what that means is that we made sure we did every little thing the right way, and gave every nook + cranny the attention it deserved. And not to sound too gloatsome and all, but we're really proud of it. After all, we'd better be, eh? So go forth to thine local record emporium and pick up a copy or (ahem) 2. Which, point is, you can do as of right now. You can tell us what you think too (2), with the fear of only mild repercussions.

Thank you friends...
Tim Rob Jared Will Andy