24 January 2011

the end of the road

Hell with it, here's parts 3 and 4 of our monthlong series of photos from ye olde Delta Spirit tour. Had to finish off a roll of film, y'know. Like booze, that kinda thing takes a lot of time and effort if you're gonna do a good job with it.

On Sheepshead Bay

Graham, The Fling, Baltimore


The O, Pittsburgh, much later that same night

see here

new album title

Cheyenne Morning


not-at-all-official tour photo

photos by will

14 January 2011

Wolfgang's Vault

Back in December, we drove straight from Chicago through whiteouts and subzero climes to get to San Francisco in time for Wolfgang, all to deliver this little acoustic session to you. I can't find any way to embed it here, so you're just gonna have to click the link below. Watch "A Lovely Game" first.


10 January 2011

dreams, they're for those who sleep

part two:

Thanksgiving in Rhode Island

This one's called "Sitting on the BQE in Brooklyn at sunset, still trying to make it to Baltimore in time for our set."
Not "A relaxing drive through the woods."

a backyard

Delta Spirit, Ottobar, Baltimore

proud artist

Christmas in Laramie

photos by will