21 December 2009

Europe: Days 1-15

Won a sweepstakes for a free monthlong trip to Europe for you and your 4 closest friends, so to make some extra spending money we put a band together and made up some songs and played a buncha shows with a band called White Lies in many old European theatres for many European teenagers and/or their European parents and the rest of the time did this:

Day 1: Amsterdam. Killing time until it gets dark so we can go to sleep.

Day 2: Driving to Eindhoven. First show. Late.

Day 3: Paradiso, Amsterdam. Still trying to learn songs.

Day 4: Jail, Rotterdam. This was where we figured out that we don't like putting sheets on our own beds.

Day 5: Dan makes a friend in Alkmaar (celebrating 750 years!)

Our picnic in Alkmaar. Thanks to the fine folks at Subway.

Day 6: Teylers Museum, Haarlem. Working hard.

(see above)

St. Bavo's Cathedral, Haarlem. 10-year old Mozart played that organ. So did Handel, except he wasn't 10.

Day 7: Brugge (Bruges). Frites'ed up before we even left the train station.

Brugge Cruise

Day 8: de Noordzee in Oostende, where Marvin Gaye wrote "Sexual Healing." You can see why.

French hackin', outside McDonald's, somewhere in Picardie (look closely).

Day 9: us in like 5 years.

Day 10: Paris. Tim thought the housekeeper stole his iPod. Turns out she didn't.

Day 11: Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, Paris, home of Jim.

Parisian bum eating McDonald's

Day 12: previously documented here

Day 13: Luxembourg

Day 14

Halloween in Luxembourg

Band photo, featuring unknown creepy guy, possibly Gene Simmons (at left)

photos by Will

Europe: Days 16-31

And now, the exciting conclusion. I love you.

Day 16: In a parking lot.

Day 17: Backstage spread in Hamburg. Somebody cracked the seal.

Day 18: Polizei

Ferry no. 1, Baltic Sea

Day 19: Ghengis Will. Stockholm.

Day 20: Welcome to Norway

Day 21: Vega, Copenhagen

Day 22: Ferry no. 4. Gin Rummy 500 addiction commences.

Day 23: Official premature end-of-tour photo

Day 24: Low point. Munich hostel.

Brief respite

Day 25: Still in Munich

Getting a, y'know, closer look at Munich.

Day 26: Austrian Alps

(see above)

Day 27: Shit. Forgot to take any pictures.

Day 28: Berlin 2009

Brandenburg Gate


Day 29: Ready to leave.

Day 30: Windy. Calais, France.

Ferry no. 5. More rummy.

White Cliffs of Dover

Aboard the ferry: three busloads of British high school freshmen, captain, crew, us.

Day 31: Sleeping really hard. Then we went home.

photos by Will!

11 December 2009

us in the u.s., again

Found a few more from our recent visit to the United States. Look!

waiting for Hog's Platter

called, no answer

that guy was a roadie for U2 and the Stones. it's true.

X marks the spot

our Texas tour guide

El Paso