30 January 2009

oh p.s.

southern california should note that we've back-to-back goings-on coming up real soon.
san diego on sunday, if you want that free party steez (it's the beauty bar's 3rd anniversary shindig)
long beach on monday, if you want that whole ├╝ber-intimate thing
! ! !

29 January 2009

kicked by the wind, robbed by the sleet (part deux)

Hey, check it, we're on this hot tour, just to heat your frosted, brittle bones. Thought it'd be wise to exclusively seek out the coldest parts of These Re-United States. A fine band from Seattle called These Arms Are Snakes, who are on everybody's favorite baseball-themed record label, the esteemed Suicide Squeeze, have been gracious enough to bring us along, and All The Saints are coming along too. One very exciting thing for all involved is that most of these shows are all ages, more or less, so those who have been so unfairly excluded the last many times we've been in town can finally come hang with us, in our van, which locks from the inside, in the poorly-lit alley behind the club, which is in a less-than-desirable part of town. All that info's on our MySpace, natch.

In the meantime, here's a picture of Tim and Jared on TV, from the last tour.

20 January 2009

for the record!

Seems that there are a number of outposts of the interweb that purport to our whereabouts in the coming weeks in Europe with our friends Crystal Antlers. So, just to clear all that up: we ain't gonna be there. The straight story is that our record was supposed to come out over there in early February, but last month, our distributor suddenly went bankrupt. As in, all those records of theirs on the shelves - poof. This crumbling-economy rubbish knows no bounds, and here's another casualty, which affects a gazillion indie bands and labels of every stripe, and puts the kibosh in a lotta well-laid plans. Including ours. So yeah, the deal was that we were gonna go on this fabulous European vacation with those Crystal Antlers to coincide with the release and all. But now we're gonna wait to, y'know, take Europe by storm and whatnot when our record does come out over there. So, U.K., Europe, whoever had hopes to boogie with us over the next several weeks... just you wait.

yours mostly,
the dudes

15 January 2009

more stuff you missed

we don't have a very good track record.

roughin' it. kinda.

this shit's a gold mine.

12 January 2009

this is what you missed

It's that time again. Remember that 5-week tour we did, ah, last year? What a year. Too bad it's over. It was a big year for us. Our record came out, we did a coupla national tours, went to London, yada yada yada. Who knows what 2009 holds. We sure don't.
Anyway, the tour. I, Will, once again kept myself engaged in the only thing that keeps me sane on the road: pointing my camera at barren walls, the ground, and/or people pissing on the side of the road. Like so:

We try to keep it secret, FDR-style, but yeah... Tim's still wheelchair-bound.

Katz's Delicatessen, NYC

Asbury Park never looked so good.

(you like sunsets, right?)

Natchez Trace, Mississippi

02 January 2009

a real shocker of a session

More videostuff, you said? Well, here. You should thank ShockHound for this gem.

Happy 2009. Our resolution is to come see you.

optimistically yours,
the dudes