31 July 2008


Tim has a couple prints in the Look! show goin on saturday at the Jail Gallery. Come down and buy one, and tell him the dudes sent ya!!!

here's the lo-down

965 N. Vignes Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

August 2 – August 30, 2008
Opening reception:
Sat. August 2, 6-10pm

LOOK! presents a collection of Los Angeles and San Francisco based artists employing a variety of mediums: paintings, sculpture, collage, drawing and installation. Curated by Emily Sills, the exhibition includes artists Deedee Cheriel, Courtney Duncan, Katrin Jurati, Katie Lewis, Lumivalkoinen, Sam Lubicz, Sarah Jean Madson, Tim Presley, Bailey Salisbury, Carlos Saul Laszlo and Daren Wilson.

LOOK! constructs sporadic interconnectedness through the relationship of the different pieces to each other. The cohesion of the show is the story of the art itself and the story each artist tells via their medium. Adapted from the School of Language Poets’ concept of “The New Sentence,” LOOK! takes the idea of object referentially or objects posed for friction to create meaning. The exhibit offer lapses and layers so the mind can move freely from one subject to other, welcoming the onlooker to participate and bring their own interpretation or unedited stream of consciousness. LOOK! is to stay in a perpetual beginning where each piece comments on and are commented on by the surrounding pieces.

“If it were writing we would have to explain” Lyn Hejinian, Bay Area Language Poet.”

29 July 2008


Oh, shit. We never posted, like, any information whatsoever about our album. Since there's still ONE WEEK until this piece "drops," here tis:

Dangerbird Records
Release Date: 5 August 2008

1 Northern Soul
2 Blue Day
3 Two Ways Out
4 Pale Sun
5 White Composition
6 Add One To the Other One
7 Even In Your Lightest Day
8 All the Hurry & Wait
9 Waves
10 Talking Words
11 Immediate Undertaking

If you wanna know more, then maybe you should suck it up and buy it. There's lotsa text in there, including essays by Jon Landau, David Leaf, and Peter Buck*. But that's just the CD version. Pre-order that one here.

On the other hand, the vinyl release is totally different. Different sequence, different feel (it's like 180 grams and a double gatefold heavier), and a bonus track called "Pharoah Sanders' Tomb." Get it here. And with both the CD and LP, you get a free 7". Of course.

How bored are your ears? Like, what do you do once you've memorized Tha Carter III? Well. Thru this Thursday, you can listen to our whole-ass album on MySpace. So go, listen to it, think about it, try to decipher the lyrics, smoke weed, party, eat, cry, think, work, or even party. Send it airmail or something.

* factually incorrect. but you get the point. or do you?

11 July 2008

vote for us, etc.

So! We’re up for this Yahoo Music thing. It’s either called Users’ Choice or Who’s Next? or both or something like that. We normally don't endorse competition between bands and contests and Contest Bands and all that, but hey, if we beat Dr. Dog and The Duke Spirit and The Airborne Toxic Event, it makes us look really good, which means there is a better chance we will come to your town and rip the jams and hang out with y'all. So please kindly click this huge Yahoo link below and vote vote vote for Das Dudes!

Also! Our friend and mentor John Webster Johns has really really really sadly had to bail on the Troubadour show on August 7. It was sure gonna be something else, but now you'll never get to see it. BUT, the silver lining is that we done got our also-friends Tweak Bird to fill the void. And remember, for $9.99 you get to see not only us dudes and Eulogies and Amnion and Tweak Bird, but you also get a copy of our new CD 2!!!

Finally, Nylon Magazine has one of the more interesting blurbs on us thus far. This comes on the heels of the fashion spread we did for them last year.

08 July 2008

some things, Tuesday edition

Good morning. I'm assuming it's morning when you're reading this. If it's not, come back when it is.

Just a couple updates:

Just noticed that we somehow never got around to mentioning this... We recorded a cover of Lee Hazelwood’s (via the voice of Sanford Clark) “The Fool” back in February for this neat lil promotion by shoe-people PF Flyers. The concept was a buncha Dangerbird artists record songs from 1956 to commemorate the reissue of those sweet-ass ’56 Bob Cousy kicks. So we did this song, knocked it out in a day, and got one Bob Mustachio (of The Warlocks) to pitch in too, since it was a Sunday and, y’know, it was an excuse to get out of the house. Also, FYI, BTW, CMYK: “The Fool” is the first song Lee Hazelwood ever wrote, or something like that. And, of course, the last song was “Claws & Paws.” Alright alright, go get it here.

Here’s Rob at Tim’s birthday soiree, reflecting the too-prevalent misconception that Rob is Tim. This outta confuse things even more.

photo by W.P. Canzoneri

You may have noticed our ¡¡¡NEW VIDEO!!! over there on the right in our patent-pending Blogspot Video Bar™. Assuming it hasn't been removed. It's called "This Song's History, Dude."

Finally... go pre-order our new record from Insound!
Get the CD here... or...
Get the vinyl here!
AND either way, if ya pre-order it, you’re ALSO gon’ get a free limited-edition mystery 7”! Don't delay! Supplies are limited! Act now!