26 December 2010

the tour we just did, in black + white

part one of four in a series:

The aforementioned Minatures Lounge and/or Paramount Liquors, on Route 66, Gallup, New Mexico

Tim and Guitar Dan, on the Reservation, sometime during the day.


Webster Hall, NYC. File under "metaphor."

Dustin from The Fling, Webster Hall, 11/23/10

photos by will

16 December 2010

GET YOUR DML MERCH RIGHT HERE!!! (aka Over-The-Top Seasonal Sales Pitch)

Just in time for the holiday/holidaze, we gots some new t-shirts up on the ol' DML MERCH STORE! And on top of that, some of those older ones gotta go, so hey, we made em HALF OFF! Get yer order in by December 20 to make sure Santa has it on his sleigh!

14 December 2010


Remember when we were on TV last night? Well, this is what it looked like. Watch Rob courageously fight off a cold while playing our Christmas song for the first time ever:

Approximately .06 seconds of our "actual" song "Backseat" made it on air, presumably because Rachael Ray decided to prepare her burgers medium well instead of the searing Jimmy requested. Which is a bummer, because here that is:

p.s. That's our buddy Dan Iead on pedal steel, whom you might've seen playing on the tour we just finished while Jared was in the studio making our next record for us. Also congratulations to The Fling, Emily Sills, and Reed and Stacy from Dangerbird for getting their faces on TV. I'm sure their respective families are proud.
p.p.s. Yes, we-reoriented the album cover 90°. Looks better, yah?

13 December 2010


Don't forget! He's watching you, so you better watch him. Or something like that. I wonder if we'll get to eat whatever Rachael Ray's cooking.

Jimmy Kimmel Live
12:06 am / 11:06 pm CST
(we play at the end, naturally)

07 December 2010

DML on TV!

Hey, guess what, we're gonna be on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Monday! December 13. We're taking bets on who else is gonna be on. It's probably online, but we haven't googled it yet, so speculate away. Anyway, here's the deal. We're playing two songs. One of them is the Christmas song that we mentioned that you can get from Target. The other one'll be from our record. It'll be all festive and what not, and hey, it's our late-night national television debut, and that's pretty sick.

IF YOU WANT TICKETS: click on Jimmy. Do it. They're free. 'Twould be rad to see friendly faces there, and hey, maybe the back of your head'll get on TV too!

04 December 2010

Our First Tattoo

This is Joe. He's from Louisville. He came to Nashville last night and had this on his arm:

with Tim (asleep) and Rob

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

03 December 2010


This is one deal you should pass up.

02 December 2010

we still want a hula hoop

Since we're driving/sledding through our first snow right now on our way out of Pittsburgh, now would be a good time to mention that you can now download and forever own our Instant Christmas Classic from Target.com. Yes, this is your Christmas present, and no you're not getting anything else.

30 November 2010

house of cards

Tim has this card in a safe deposit box at the A.P. Giannini Bank at 3rd and El Camino in San Mateo, California. It's worth about $5.

this week in rock shows


In other news, we did a session last month at the Village Recorder (whose control room is the very control room pictured on the back of Countdown To Ecstasy and in VH1 Classic Albums - Phil Collins: Face Value, and where we've played before) with Nic Harcourt for livebuzz.com, and it looks like this:

Go to livebuzz.com to see the rest (which is "Backseat," "Dear Author," and the hot new "Rain Down South," as well as an interview)

23 November 2010


Attention NYC!
Playing at the exact same time. We wrote 10 hot and/or fresh arrangements of our stuff for them, and this is the only time it's gonna be played. Gonna be really really really good and very very very extra-special. Seriously do not miss this.

Starts at 9. 21 and up. Tickets are $8 advance, $10 day of show. Get em HERE!



all with Delta Spirit and The Fling, except for Tomorrow and Thursday, which are with J. Crew and Rob's mom & dad, respectively.

19 November 2010


Yes, Virginia, we have a Christmas song. It's called "Snow Is Falling" and it's up at Target.com/HolidayAlbum, and sooner than later you'll be able to free-download it too.

p.s. You'll be hearing more about this.

16 November 2010

It's not a big deal

Miniatures Lounge (or is Paramount Liquors?), Route 66, Gallup, New Mexico, Saturday night:

The barkeep at the lounge at the Best Western closed early, so she tells us the lounge down the street is still open, but "they'll really sock it to ya." Well, okay. So we walk 100 yards down the highway to what appears to be called Minatures Lounge, whose entry is marked with a stenciled sign reading "LOUNGE ENTRY." It's a little bit David Lynch, a little bit Pee-Wee's Big Adventure inside - turqouise walls, turquoise booths, 10 or so Native Americans (including one tranny), us 3 white man, and a guy that looks like he's hosting a karaoke night that nobody wants to bother with. Turns out he's just a DJ, introing every CD on a mic via some next-song-themed riddle e.g., "Hey Jay, is that a Dallas Cowboys hat you're wearing? Because you're looking like a real sharp-dressed man;" "Juan, is it 5 o'clock yet? No? Well, it's 5 o'clock somewhere." Etc.). He comes over and introduces himself (Rick), writes our names down on his notepad, and announces us to the other bar patrons, and then goes down the bar and introduces them all by name. Juan's the bouncer, and after a while he comes over and tells us about his years fronting metal band JP Rocks down in El Paso. But he mellowed out ("too much partying") and moved home. Then he tells us that in a few minutes, we're gonna sing "I Fought the Law," like it or not, just on the choruses, it's not a big deal. So we do it, and it's not a big deal.

05 November 2010

DML in ICT Magazine!!!

Awesome interview with Rob by JamBase's Brennan Lagasse in the new ICT Magazine, from when we played the Hellenic Theatre in Berkeley, in which he discusses the transcription of our newborn album. Highlights excerpted below:

* * * * *

"JamBase: You impact a pretty unequalled sound. What bands impact influenced you?

Rob Barbato: I conceive with the newborn achievement Evangelist Phillips from The Mamas and The Papas was a pretty bounteous influence, and apparently the Grateful Dead, CCR (Credence Clearwater Revival) and clog aforementioned that. But also bands aforementioned Big Star were a pretty bounteous impact for us. Who added would you feature Will?

Will Canzoneri [organ/clavinet]: R.E.M.

Rob: Yeah, R.E.M. as a past sound.

JamBase: Well that’s pretty modify since there’s an R.E.M. calculate in your intermixture shack backstage.

What’s inspired your songwriting and penalization compositions beyond singable influences?

Rob: Friends and kinsfolk are Brobdingnagian inspirations, and also added friend’s music... That’s ever something that gets me rattling agog to create.

The achievement was transcribed in San Francisco at a flat where some added famous tracks impact been recorded. What prefabricated you opt that site?

Rob: Hyde Street was where CCR had the Cosmo’s Factory where they transcribed their prototypal digit or threesome records before they touched to Fantasy in Berkeley... All of Herbie Hancock’s depression records were finished there, and Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty were finished there.

JamBase: There’s awful interplay between you and your bandmates. Do you conceive that comes more from the instance you’ve locate in practicing, transcription or touring?

Rob: It’s mainly from touring.

JamBase: What do you wager in the forthcoming for DML?

Rob: Make added record, indite modify songs, that’s it. And impact recreation activity shows."

On drummer Dan Allaire:
"Yeah, Dan [Allaire] has totally denaturized the band. He’s an awful drummer. Andy [Ganelli] was an awful drummer, but Dan does clog differently... It’s a bounteous care and he’s an awful sheik and an awing drummer, so it’s rattling enthusiastic to impact him in the band."

On producer Nick Huntington:
"With Nick it was more of cooperation in the creation area, and he’s an awful musician, composer and producer, so we were rattling lucky... I would fuck to impact with him again whether with DML or otherwise."

On fans:
"I conceive we impact fans every over the locate that imbibe up. We impact fans in England and here and there, but I would feature existence a West Coast adornment makes it more a West Coast abstract [laughs]. But we impact assorted listeners, especially with the newborn record.

We intercommunicate to a clump of assorted people."

* * * * *

Full interview available here.

29 October 2010


of last month:

Greek Theatre, Berkeley

Greek Theatre, LA

Liberace Plaza, home of the since-closed Liberace Museum, and Goodtimes Bar & Nightclub, home of the $2 Recession Special.

It's the World's Largest Rhinestone.

Yes, those are American flag hot pants. Hot for the Bicentennial.

Panis, with the iced green tea he ordered.

photos by will.

06 October 2010


So a little while back we set up shop in a house down the street and had our pal Mike Mohan film us playing a buncha songs and recorded the whole thing. "Backseat" is up first, and you can watch it on Filter today.

More to come!

03 October 2010


Those TBA's on the Delta Spirit tour you were jockeying for? Well, now we can tell you. The previously-alluded-to winners are:

Nov 26. Boston. Paradise Rock Club
Dec 7. SF. The Fillmore
Dec 8. LA. The Music Box @ Henry Fonda Theatre

02 October 2010

Eagle Rock Today!

Angelenos: we play at 7 o'clock at the Eagle Rock Music Festival today. It's either $5 or free, depending on the size of your conscience/wallet, and besides, you were probably gonna go eat at Oinkster anyway.

30 September 2010

Liberace's Piano

The Liberace Museum in Las Vegas, located in two buildings on opposite ends of a parking lot in the heart of Liberace Plaza, is forever shutting its doors in a couple weeks. So when the lady at the gift shop from whom you're buying a diamond-encrusted gold-plated piano ring asks you if you're a pianist, and you say yes, and then asks you "would you like to play Liberace's Piano?," you do it. After, of course, filling out all the requisite paperwork, including signing a statement that you're a virtuoso and that you'll wash your hands. The rhinestone-bedazzled and mirrored Baldwin (previously featured on this blog here) was the last piano Walter played, in his 1986 Radio City Music Hall shows, and sits on a pedestal in a room surrounded by all his capes, including the pink turkey feather cape seen behind the piano, and you can bet it'll be the most nerve-wracking performance you'll ever put on.

Later, you might run into Liberace's wheelchair-bound personal dog groomer of 16 years, who will confirm that the man "sure had a lot of crap."

28 September 2010


Note that we play at 7 pm sharp tonight in SLC and at 7:45 on the button tomorrow in Denver. Oh, and Saturday at 7 at the Eagle Rock Music Festival in LA too. Had considerable luck with 7 in Vegas, so figured hey, let it ride. Don't be late.

17 September 2010


Time for our big annual fall tour! With Delta Spirit. We play, and then they play. It's a damn good bill.

Nov 15. Lawrence, KS. Jackpot Saloon
Nov 16. Columbia, MO. Mojo's
Nov 17. Rock Island, IL. Speakeasy
Nov 18. Madison, WI. High Noon Saloon
Nov 19. Milwaukee. Turner Hall
Nov 20. South Bend, IN. Legends of Notre Dame
Nov 22. Buffalo. Tralf Music Hall
Nov 23. NYC. Webster Hall
Nov 26. TBA
Nov 27. Pawtucket, RI. The Met
Nov 29. Baltimore. Ottobar
Nov 30. Pittsburgh. Brillobox
Dec 1. Covington, KY. The Mad Hatter
Dec 2. Asheville, NC. Grey Eagle Tavern & Music Hall
Dec 3. Nashville. Mercy Lounge
Dec 4. Chicago. Metro
Dec 7. TBA
Dec 8. TBA
Dec 9. Santa Barbara. Soho
Dec 10. San Diego. House of Blues

Highlights to include winter-home shopping in Milwaukee, visiting Rudy's grave, Thanksgiving dinner at Rob's folks' house and then going to Foxwoods (it's the world's largest casino), driving thru the Tim Hortons by Foxwoods, playing in a college town over Thanksgiving Break (hint hint), finding the brothel whose services Mayor Jerry Springer paid for with a personal check and then eating at the chili parlour next door, and playing (ahem) The Elite Club. Oh, and driving.

16 September 2010

the results are in

Behold the fruits of our labor on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic yesterday! If you stick around long enough, you'll hear a brand new song called "Rain Down South," and another song that's not quite new but which you've probably never heard before.

Set list:
1. Backseat
2. Split Minute
3. New America
4. Maple Day Getaway
5. Trail the Line
6. Dear Author
7. Cry On Me Woman
8. Rain Down South
9. 'Tis a Great Art To Saunter
10. June Bloom

Seriously huge thanks to everyone there for having us in - they're so important to us, in fact, that they're the only broadcast entity to have their own keyword on this blog. It was a real joyous occasion for us, which we topped off with our first (!) trip to Canter's on Fairfax, which not only has Babe Ruth's favorite pickles, and is not only where Saul Hudson earned the nickname "Slash," but has the only reuben in town you can eat and not feel like a zeppelin after. Legend'ry.

And yes, Jason Bentley talks like that all the time.

14 September 2010

DML on Morning Becomes Eclectic tomorrow!

Turn on, tune in, drop out, roll over, etc. Wednesday Sept. 15, 11:15 a.m. PDT. KCRW 89.9 FM in L.A.; watch and listen at kcrw.com worldwide.

We'll play some songs, get smoothly interrogated by the velvet-throated Jason Bentley, and then we'll play some more songs, kinda like last time. We have to wake up really early.

09 September 2010

we gotta move these refrigerators

What with the economy what it is and what not and what have you, combined with the imperativeness of you owning our music, our bros at Dangerbird are having a whaleuva sale over on iTunes, now thru September 21. So, lookit:
Alive As You Are for $8.99!
2 (the album) for $5.99!
• The "Two Ways Out"video for 99¢!

And you can (still) even download our first record for free.

God bless us, every one.

03 September 2010

relaxed fit

Last Friday, we cruised over to the (ahem) Dickies Lounge, and, in exchange for some gratis coveralls, played some songs, and lo and behold it turned out pretty alright. See?

And there's a little more over on their site. Thanks, Dickie.

18 August 2010

Fingerprints / Long Beach tonight

If you're coming to Fingerprints in Long Beach tonight for our in-store, note that you have to call the store to be added to the RSVP guest list at (562) 433-4996. Otherwise they won't let you in. We play at 7:30 or so. Then we drive to San Francisco.

p.s. Last night was ahhh-mazing. Thanks to everyone that came to the Bootleg. It made us feel good.

17 August 2010


It's called Alive As You Are, and it can now be bought. Buy the vinyl if you can. Better yet, if you're in L.A., just come to the Bootleg Theatre tonight and get it there.

This record means a lot to us, and we hope it will to you too.

05 August 2010

revised calendar of events

Tuesday August 17 / L.A. / Bootleg Theatre (with Wounded Lion and My Pet Saddle
Wednesday August 18 / Long Beach / Fingerprints in-store / 7 p.m.
Thursday August 19 / San Francisco / The Independent
Friday August 20 / Berkeley / Rasputin Music in-store / 6 p.m.

Attend all 4 and get a free copy of our new record! Yeah!

26 July 2010

Alive As You Are is out in the UK

And that calls for a few words on the record, how we made it, and on the product we're flooding the marketplace with, o informed consumer.

The LP bears a AAA code on the back (and when I say LP, I'm talking vinyl). You used to see these codes on CD's back in the 80's and 90's. It was designed to tell you how the CD was recorded (first letter), mixed (second letter) and mastered (third letter). For instance, AAD would mean a record was recorded analog, mixed analog, and mastered digitally (of course if it's on CD, it's digital and therefore the third letter would always be D). But those codes more or less vanished by the turn of the century. Fast forward to present times, when every band and their grandmother presses vinyl and touts it as the ultimate listening experience. In our neighborhood alone, two record stores have opened in the last year or two that only sell new vinyl. It's poppin' off. Except there's one caveat. If you recorded your album digitally, then it's meant to be listened to digitally (although someone on some message board somewhere might argue that this point is arguable). Once you go digital, it's always digital, and regardless of if it's on vinyl or not, your brain will be fed discrete little bits of data that sounds a lot like music instead of the continuous sound that is music. This vinyl revival hasn't been accompanied by renewed use of SPARS codes (as it's called; although it was never intended for LP's in the first place), so we usually don't know how these records were actually recorded, mixed and mastered; but I reckon that at least 95% of that new, shrink-wrapped $18 vinyl was recorded on a computer. Which means, at least in these eyes, your money might be better spent on the CD. But maybe you have a DJ night, and it's important to you to spin vinyl, who knows.

Anyway. Back to the AAA on the Alive As You Are LP. What this means is that we recorded the whole thing onto tape, mixed it onto another tape, and took that to Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound, whose very special needle etched grooves into what is now the vinyl platter you can hold in your hand (or, simply, he mastered it). Without any digitalia in the way, what comes out of your speakers is essentially a direct transfer of energy from us to you. All vibration and impulses. A more human listening experience. When we thought about our favorite records and what kind of record we wanted to make, we realized the common thread is they were pretty much all made this way. And here we are.

Why doesn't everybody do it like this? Well, it's easier to do every step of the process digitally, it's cheaper, it's more forgiving, you can "fix" mistakes and poor performances, studios are set up that way, people can't really tell the difference... and the list goes on and on. Digital production is insanely compelling, and it takes a lot of practice and discipline to lay it down, warts and voice cracks and all, on tape.

So yeah. After we were done tracking at Hyde Street in SF, we packed up and went an hour north to Prairie Sun, in Sonoma County and mixed for the next 10 days. It was our engineer Drew, our producer Nick, and us all crammed in this fishbowl of a control room around a mixing board turning knobs and moving sliders. Which is not textbook mixing, by the way, and was tense and not fun more often than not. But it worked - we mixed it on our own the way we wanted to do it, onto tape, and that is what's on the record.

The CD's different. When we turned the record in to our label, they said "hey, some of these mixes sound wack, let's have a professional remix em." So we transferred all the tapes onto a hard drive and got a guy named Jason Lader to mix it over a couple weekends at Rick Rubin's house in the hills on the days Kid Rock wasn't there, and I'm pretty sure he broke into it, because he made it out like we weren't supposed to be there and swore us to secrecy (oops). Since these mixes were bound for the CD (and iTunes/etc), to hell with all that analog self-righteousness; song by song, we picked the better mix, and five of his mixes are on the digital version.

All that said, what's so very nice is that when you buy the vinyl, you get a download code. Which gets you the digital version too. Best of both worlds. So there. If your neighborhood general store doesn't have it, you can order it here or here, or if you want to drop some Sterling on the CD here.

*** note: if you can't find the vinyl in the UK, order it from Dangerbird and they'll ship it straightaway ***

23 July 2010

live through this

And now, selections from the remainder of the film from Ye Olde Britannia Tour, circa June 2010. Relive the summer fun:

on the Irish Sea


North Sea. You'd think we spent the whole tour at the beach.

Bob & Laura. They've since eloped.

on Dean's farm, Leighton Buzzard

Band of Horses, Wolverhampton

tour photo. Featuring our most gracious hostess Elaine, and the Brothers Lynch (far right).

photos by will