18 August 2010

Fingerprints / Long Beach tonight

If you're coming to Fingerprints in Long Beach tonight for our in-store, note that you have to call the store to be added to the RSVP guest list at (562) 433-4996. Otherwise they won't let you in. We play at 7:30 or so. Then we drive to San Francisco.

p.s. Last night was ahhh-mazing. Thanks to everyone that came to the Bootleg. It made us feel good.

17 August 2010


It's called Alive As You Are, and it can now be bought. Buy the vinyl if you can. Better yet, if you're in L.A., just come to the Bootleg Theatre tonight and get it there.

This record means a lot to us, and we hope it will to you too.

05 August 2010

revised calendar of events

Tuesday August 17 / L.A. / Bootleg Theatre (with Wounded Lion and My Pet Saddle
Wednesday August 18 / Long Beach / Fingerprints in-store / 7 p.m.
Thursday August 19 / San Francisco / The Independent
Friday August 20 / Berkeley / Rasputin Music in-store / 6 p.m.

Attend all 4 and get a free copy of our new record! Yeah!