08 May 2014


When is your next show?
There isn't one.

Hey guys whats up??? You guys down to play ____ on ____??
Probably not. But can't hurt to ask.

Will you dudes ever play again?
Time will tell.

Are you guys still together?
No, but we're not not together either.

Come to ____!
If the price is right, okay.

Will you ever do a European Tour?
We did two, plus a couple UK ones. So, already did.

How come I can't find tour dates anywhere?!
Because there aren't any.

Give me new music!
It doesn't work like that.

Where can i find the lyrics of your songs?
They're out there. There used to be a downloadable Word doc of the 2 lyrics on our old label's website, which must be floating around somewhere. If you want the Alive As You Are lyrics, buy a physical copy.

Jared please call me.

Where's the best place to buy 2 on vinyl?
The 2 LP sounds like shit. Buy the CD, and just get the vinyl for the bonus track.

Where are you guys??
California. We all do stuff. You might particularly like White Fence.

Please don't say you've broken up.

All questions derived from real questions asked by real people, over the last few years. Sorry we didn't answer sooner.