31 August 2011


Holy cow, it's up. Our long-lost Daytrotter session. It was back on our last tour, last November, when we devoted a day to driving the 266 miles from Columbia, Missouri, to Davenport, Iowa, to record 4 songs for Daytrotter. Which we'd always wanted to do, because not only do you get that sharp illustration, but they record it all live to 1/4" tape. A few memories remain - it was frigid. We ate at a Chevron Subway for lunch. Speaking of gas stations, we witnessed, from the comfort of our hotel room, what we were pretty sure was a tweak'd-out armed robbery at the convenience store across the street the night before. Rob was targeted and embarrassed by a local with a loud vehicular public address system in the drive-thru line at Starbucks that morning ("You with the beard. That is a kickass beard."). They had a ton of great gear at the studio, a stone's throw from the Mississippi River. And we were in and out of there in 2 hours so we could make way for Delta Spirit's all-night session - subsequently, 9+ months elapsed during which the promotional value of the session evaporated. But if you were wondering what we sounded like on November 17, 2010 (not yesterday, despite what their page says), Hear It Is.

In particular, check out our pretty-hot reworking of "Immediate Undertaking" and our cover of the Scott Walker original "Rhymes of Goodbye".

13 February 2011

Amoeba 2010

Many many moons ago (last August, actually), we did this acoustic session at the world-renown Amoeba Music in Hollywood, featuring an impromptu (like, really impromptu) pseudo-bluegrass version of "Blue Day." So I guess (affect Paul Schaffer voice) you could call it "Bluegrass Day." Boosh. (Don't forget to check "Split Minute" and the still-only-ever-performed-live "Rain Down South")

01 February 2011


You might remember when we played that Very Special String Quartet Show a couple months back - it was at Brooklyn's Glasslands Gallery, whose stage all 9 of us somehow fit on, with the highly esteemed ACME String Quartet. Matt Teacher and Mike Lawson were amazing enough to drive up from Philly to record it, and some higher power put Brian Stollery in our realm, who brough Sean Smith and Arlen Cooke to help him shoot the video (seriously, ginormous thanks to all of the above). There's more coming, much more, but for now, look at "Dear Author," which is an exclusive over at RELIX.

24 January 2011

the end of the road

Hell with it, here's parts 3 and 4 of our monthlong series of photos from ye olde Delta Spirit tour. Had to finish off a roll of film, y'know. Like booze, that kinda thing takes a lot of time and effort if you're gonna do a good job with it.

On Sheepshead Bay

Graham, The Fling, Baltimore


The O, Pittsburgh, much later that same night

see here

new album title

Cheyenne Morning


not-at-all-official tour photo

photos by will

14 January 2011

Wolfgang's Vault

Back in December, we drove straight from Chicago through whiteouts and subzero climes to get to San Francisco in time for Wolfgang, all to deliver this little acoustic session to you. I can't find any way to embed it here, so you're just gonna have to click the link below. Watch "A Lovely Game" first.


10 January 2011

dreams, they're for those who sleep

part two:

Thanksgiving in Rhode Island

This one's called "Sitting on the BQE in Brooklyn at sunset, still trying to make it to Baltimore in time for our set."
Not "A relaxing drive through the woods."

a backyard

Delta Spirit, Ottobar, Baltimore

proud artist

Christmas in Laramie

photos by will