13 February 2011

Amoeba 2010

Many many moons ago (last August, actually), we did this acoustic session at the world-renown Amoeba Music in Hollywood, featuring an impromptu (like, really impromptu) pseudo-bluegrass version of "Blue Day." So I guess (affect Paul Schaffer voice) you could call it "Bluegrass Day." Boosh. (Don't forget to check "Split Minute" and the still-only-ever-performed-live "Rain Down South")


Dylana Suarez said...

Lovely blog you have here!



jemilande said...

i like u blog

Data Entry Clerk said...

Interesting! I have been looking for this info for the last few hours.

Ever said...

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Allington said...

Its it possible to buy/download a copy of this version of Blue Day? I love it!