27 November 2007

Tour is over, if you want it.

And thank you, Lower 48. It ruled, and the worst part of the whole thing was the part where it ended. The funny part was the part where we didn't update the blog regularly throughout as planned. Part of this was slothfulness, part of it was the unexpected absence of a cloud of free WiFi covering the entire nation, and part of it was leaving Rob's MacBook at the Red Roof Inn in Toledo (picture below) and not realizing it until we were 2 hours away. This MacBook contained about 47,000 words of titillating, unposted blogalia - words you'll never see.

To recap, however, the gist of the great lost blog entry/entries were shout-outs to: Nan P and DJ Bilto; Sean P.P. and Dana for driving our van to Denver; The Bronx for trusting us with their van; Aaron in Denver of Hi-Dive fame, who is either totally awake or totally asleep right now; everyone else in Denver who likes to stay up late; Chuckie of San Antonio (aka Chaos Town), who, via MySpace, got us that BIG JIGGERS SHOW, which was absolutely the best show of the tour, as part of, in spite of technically not qualifying, Local Gorefest '07; Jered (correct spelling) of C-Town's All Your Fault (see below); and yet another Aaron, this one in Austin, and this one of Lot 6 fame, who also quartered us.

And that was where all the typing ended and where the slothfulness began. The next 7 days went undocumented, and then the laptop disappeared. Coincidentally, that's where Miz Malia James joined us, and it was not long after her misty-eyed departure in NYC that everything, hyperbolically speaking, fell apart. Fortunately, Sweet Becky at said Red Roof Inn FedEx'ed said laptop to Seattle, for a (ahem) nominal fee. And, turns out, she did not erase the contents of the hard drive. Not that it mattered. But anyway.

Maybe there'll be another blog entry (although it won't be this week or next or the week after that or anything resembling any of those weeks) chronicling the rest of the tour, but for now, the important thing is to thank The Warlocks for taking us with them. They turned out to kinda rule, both musically and personally, and now they're in Europe, melting even more zombified faces. Thanks dudes (and Jenny).

And now, presented in chronological order, the pictures:

[click to enlarge]

The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Fillmore, SF.

This is what happens when you've graduated from Clown College.

Big Jiggers Show Confirmed!!!

Chaostown's own All Your Fault, in their debut at Local Gorefest '07, Jiggers, San Antonio

Chuckie. He's the man.

this here photo by Will's dad

Brand New Rob gets caricaturized, Atlanta.


Red Roof Inn, Toledo (referenced above). Not thinking about his Macbook.

400 Bar, Minneapolis. With 2/5 of The Warlocks.

We went out of our way to dine at Bismarck's own Space Aliens Grill & Bar. Terrible food, but totally worth it.

Nowhere, Montana

Not the LA River. Also Nowhere, Montana (aka Custer, Montana)
photo by Miss Jenny P. Fraser

Jared escaped.

Photos courtesy W.P. Canzoneri, except where noted.