08 March 2008

SXSW shows, set times, dreams and the golden road to unlimited devotion

Hello it's me,

It's about that time to ship off to austin for SXSW, or South By, or SX, or S. Anyway you want to look at it you're going to end up hungover, but we have a few shows to help you get through the pain of a million "bands" trying to make a dent in the fabic of our lives. No, we're not talking about cotton.

So the first show were are playing, we go on around noon. It's at the Scoot Inn and it's the Bust Magazine/Musebox "How's Your Boozeday?" Party. This should be good being that we'll be hungover, but maybe a little more on-it cause it's early. Other acts apearing... Drug Rug, Moonrats and more.

The next show will be at BD Rileys at 1 am. This should be fun, or funny. I suggest come down and catch a set fueled by free beverages. This is our Official Showcase!

Then we play MESS WITH TEXAS 2


March 13 12.00 pm @ The Scoot Inn Bust Magazine/Musebox Party, Free

March 13 1:00 am @ BD Rileys Official SXSW Showcase, Badge or Money

March 15 4:10 pm @ Waterloo Park Mess With Texas 2, Free

So come party with the dudes!