29 September 2008

Food band

We only tour as a vehicle to sample regional cuisines. Here are some of the highlights.

Fun fact: Andy decided not to wear a shirt.

Jared in a candy store. The nation's oldest candy store.

28 September 2008


Results to be posted shortly.

26 September 2008

Chicago Redux

As part of our ongoing redux-a-thon, we now transport you back to the salad day (singular) of September 12, 2008, when we descended upon Chicago. We scored a whole night off there, and Malia used the opportunity to practice her oil-based psych-show in our hotel room ALL . NIGHT . LONG. After all, after gorging on landlocked sushi (a recurring theme), what else are ya gonna do?

This thing, self-explanatory.

And we found this polaroid of Tim at Starbucks. Pictured below, with Popeye.

25 September 2008

This is how we feel

photo credit: Andy Granelli
turd credit: unknown

After closing down Loser's in Nashville with mandatory after-hours honky-tonk backroom partying with our new family, and trudging on to St. Louis, where we're currently being held on the campus of St. Louis University in the administrative offices of the college concessionaire, photocopying our faces to pass the time.

What were once vices are now habits

Above Interstate 84, Illinois. Never got that PSP.

24 September 2008


We hit Collegetown USA, which is in Maryland, way back on Sunday, and possibly experienced the highlight of the tour. We graced the airwaves of the campus, and only the campus (unless you were listening on the internet, which, of course, you were) of the University of Maryland, with a rough-hewn acoustic performance, culminating in a 15-minute gypsy vamp on "Two Ways Out" and our infections Nodzzz cover. Which maybe we'll upload later. It was kinda the ultimate dingy, totally unsupervised student-run college radio station, complete with grafitti-scrawled, asbestos-lined walls, and, y'know, actual students. There was even a series of metal bands that followed us (for instance, College Park's own Absolute Venegence [pictured below], who played live in the next room while we interviewed on the air, which means we had to talk really loud). Then we cruised into DC, watched the new Coen Brothers movie, and adjourned to a gay bar where they played nothing but Billy Ocean while Men In Black played on mute.

I-24, Tennessee

In the van. Therefore, Darker My Dudes is pleased to bring you an exclusive full van interview.

Q: I really like the new record. What are your influences?

Tim: I'm thinking Arby's.
Rob: I rather be at home. In Vegas.
Andy: Vote for Obama. At least he surfs.
Malia: Free range chicken just means they keep the barn door open.
Jared: I'm sick.
Will: I feel like break dancing.
Scott: Life is good. No complaints.

* * * * *

p.s. Once/if we ever find wifi again, you're in for a shitstorm of (ahem) content. Until then, pleasure youself to this picture.

23 September 2008

We put an ad out

We'll play anywhere.

21 September 2008

Madison Redux

So the story goes like this. We were USB-cableless until 2 days ago, which acts as sortof an umbilical cord into our world of video and high-rezzz photos, courtesy our lil baby-doll Malia. Hence, we present, to you, dear reader, a second chance to vicariously enjoy the early days of this here tour. This entry will encapsulate some cuteness from Madison, which, as you know, is in Wisconsin; bloggeded from our nation's capitol.

There's one (1) (!) week left on this tour, which is kinda weird. Specifically, a bummer. We could probably keep going for another 6 months, provided we took 5 months off in the middle. Mmm-hmm.

20 September 2008


Having a real good time here in Philadephia, home of our first substantial downtime of the tour. Yesterday featured:

Recording a real pretty set for YROCK on XPN...

Ten-ounce? Tenallis? Ten hours? Tinnitus?

Indulging in a Jim's cheesesteak or three...

... today found us at Drexel University for a fast 'n' loose acoustic set, and tonight, it's the Theatre of the Living Arts.

19 September 2008

It's alright ma, I'm only sleeping

Andy and I (Rob) had a good laugh while rolling through Vermont with that one. In other news, I've fallen in love with that Fleet Foxes record, and somehow have managed catch a part of The Karate Kid in the hotel every night. What I want to know is, how come after Danielsan kicks the blonde dude in the face to win it all, blondie says "you're alright caruso!"? He's been giving that poor Daniel shit the whole movie! So we continue on to Philly with our sonic flying crane kick hoping to hear "the dudes are alright!"

Having a ball?
Robert Wallace Barbato

16 September 2008


We are one again with our 19-year-old selves. All we have is memories. Because, ooh yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.

This is Boston.

13 September 2008

C, eh? N, eh? D, eh?

So we made it across the border. Whoops, eh? It involved a neverending drive in the pouring rain, from Chicago, with approximately one pit stop at approximately one South Side White Castle for approximately two Crave Cases, which is exactly sixty (60) burgers. Five (5) remain. No sleep, etc. You know the drill. We do.

This is Toronto. We haven't been able to shake that hyoooomid-ass front that's been following us all week. Montreal just so happens to be next. Did you know that?

10 September 2008

Day 47

This is Lori. She put us up/put up with us. In Minneapolis. She's, no jive, an amazing human being. She was in Babes In Toyland. She even bathed Jared, for his first bath in 30 days. We played at that club where Prince did Purple Rain. First Avenue. It was exactly like the movie. Morris Day was even there. We played "Jack U Off" on the way there, but the Dandy Warhols actually played a Prince song. It was our first show with them. It was like the most fun ever. Now we're in Madison. Wisconsin. Cool town. Honest-to-God day off tomorrow. Which means...

09 September 2008

Let's burn down the cornfield

Figuratively. We're in Iowa, taking the scenic route. All the houses look like Monopoly houses, placed all scattershot on the board. Lotsa corn. The Indians called it "maize," you know, in case you never went through third grade. It's nice here.

Iowa City was very Monday night. A handful of denizens watched us practice. Wouldn'ta had it any other way. Drank a Leinenkluger or two. At least I think that's what it was called. The kinda shit beer that's best kept belovedly regional, like Yuengling. If only Schlitz had never gone national. It was our Big Jiggers show of this tour (see: 10/30/07). Every tour needs one.

Tonight, Minneapolis and the Dandys. Bye.

08 September 2008

North Platte, Nebraska

Rest assured the cashier was a 19-year-old Korn cap-festooned, creepy flesh-colored goateed dude who strangely declined my offer to take his picture.

Now we're in Iowa, bout to pick Tim up from the Des Moines airport, high-tail it to Iowa City, and squeeze one out. We've covered almost 2000 miles in about 50 hours. Not recommended.

"Space shuttle" and "asshole" look awfully similar when mouthed from an oncoming vehicle.

07 September 2008

This is what Nevada looks like.

On the road again

Alright, alright, we're back, we're okay, we're moving into the future at the speed of 83 mph, presently thru an eyeful of blinding salt, in the land of 2.5%-or-whatever-it-is alcohol. The first person to read this in the next hour and comment with the best place to eat lunch in Salt Lake City will win a sweet tip on the best place to find a 5 dollar buffet with $1.50 Bud and Bud Light in the Reno area on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

Our first show is gonna be Monday in Iowa City, which is in Iowa. We feel bad for those of you in Des Moines who were planning on seeing us tonight, but we hope you'll find solace in the fact that your buddy's sister's boyfriend is driving to Iowa City anyway, and that maybe you can get him to drop you off at The Picador on his way to the Fossil Gorge. It's our first show, and now our only warm-up show before the Dandy Warhols portion of the tour, so, y'know, anything goes. We're excited.

Again, we're real sorry about all those shows we had to cancel over the last week. You've all been wonderfully supportive and understanding. We gonna make it up to you real nice.