26 December 2010

the tour we just did, in black + white

part one of four in a series:

The aforementioned Minatures Lounge and/or Paramount Liquors, on Route 66, Gallup, New Mexico

Tim and Guitar Dan, on the Reservation, sometime during the day.


Webster Hall, NYC. File under "metaphor."

Dustin from The Fling, Webster Hall, 11/23/10

photos by will

16 December 2010

GET YOUR DML MERCH RIGHT HERE!!! (aka Over-The-Top Seasonal Sales Pitch)

Just in time for the holiday/holidaze, we gots some new t-shirts up on the ol' DML MERCH STORE! And on top of that, some of those older ones gotta go, so hey, we made em HALF OFF! Get yer order in by December 20 to make sure Santa has it on his sleigh!

14 December 2010


Remember when we were on TV last night? Well, this is what it looked like. Watch Rob courageously fight off a cold while playing our Christmas song for the first time ever:

Approximately .06 seconds of our "actual" song "Backseat" made it on air, presumably because Rachael Ray decided to prepare her burgers medium well instead of the searing Jimmy requested. Which is a bummer, because here that is:

p.s. That's our buddy Dan Iead on pedal steel, whom you might've seen playing on the tour we just finished while Jared was in the studio making our next record for us. Also congratulations to The Fling, Emily Sills, and Reed and Stacy from Dangerbird for getting their faces on TV. I'm sure their respective families are proud.
p.p.s. Yes, we-reoriented the album cover 90°. Looks better, yah?

13 December 2010


Don't forget! He's watching you, so you better watch him. Or something like that. I wonder if we'll get to eat whatever Rachael Ray's cooking.

Jimmy Kimmel Live
12:06 am / 11:06 pm CST
(we play at the end, naturally)

07 December 2010

DML on TV!

Hey, guess what, we're gonna be on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Monday! December 13. We're taking bets on who else is gonna be on. It's probably online, but we haven't googled it yet, so speculate away. Anyway, here's the deal. We're playing two songs. One of them is the Christmas song that we mentioned that you can get from Target. The other one'll be from our record. It'll be all festive and what not, and hey, it's our late-night national television debut, and that's pretty sick.

IF YOU WANT TICKETS: click on Jimmy. Do it. They're free. 'Twould be rad to see friendly faces there, and hey, maybe the back of your head'll get on TV too!

04 December 2010

Our First Tattoo

This is Joe. He's from Louisville. He came to Nashville last night and had this on his arm:

with Tim (asleep) and Rob

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

03 December 2010


This is one deal you should pass up.

02 December 2010

we still want a hula hoop

Since we're driving/sledding through our first snow right now on our way out of Pittsburgh, now would be a good time to mention that you can now download and forever own our Instant Christmas Classic from Target.com. Yes, this is your Christmas present, and no you're not getting anything else.