24 May 2009

The Merry Men

Encompassing days 6 through 10:

Rob and Tim and Robin Hood

We did a lot of shopping.


White Cliffs of Dover

This is where we played in Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. It's very big.


The capitol of art has no shame!

photos by Will

21 May 2009


White Castle

In 1930, White Castle conducted a study (later dubbed the "Craveology" study) that monitored the health of a student who lived on nothing but the Slyders and water for 13 weeks. According to the company, the student maintained good health.

20 May 2009

Forget Paris

The chemicals have settled and the negatives have dried and those long-promised us-on-film-in-Europe shots are here at last. In case you didn't already gist the gist of how darned enjoyable the whole thing was, hey, look:

Hellbox: Unkrunk'd

South Ayrshire Coast, Scotland



Things with wheels. River Liffey, Dublin.

The perfect pint, which is like every other pint of Guinness, overlooking Dublin, which is not.


Tim in Leeds


Rob's birthday. Amsterdam.


Pure fun, Hellbox-style

Stuttgart. The club was on the other side of that cool wall.

photos by Will

more to come.