31 August 2011


Holy cow, it's up. Our long-lost Daytrotter session. It was back on our last tour, last November, when we devoted a day to driving the 266 miles from Columbia, Missouri, to Davenport, Iowa, to record 4 songs for Daytrotter. Which we'd always wanted to do, because not only do you get that sharp illustration, but they record it all live to 1/4" tape. A few memories remain - it was frigid. We ate at a Chevron Subway for lunch. Speaking of gas stations, we witnessed, from the comfort of our hotel room, what we were pretty sure was a tweak'd-out armed robbery at the convenience store across the street the night before. Rob was targeted and embarrassed by a local with a loud vehicular public address system in the drive-thru line at Starbucks that morning ("You with the beard. That is a kickass beard."). They had a ton of great gear at the studio, a stone's throw from the Mississippi River. And we were in and out of there in 2 hours so we could make way for Delta Spirit's all-night session - subsequently, 9+ months elapsed during which the promotional value of the session evaporated. But if you were wondering what we sounded like on November 17, 2010 (not yesterday, despite what their page says), Hear It Is.

In particular, check out our pretty-hot reworking of "Immediate Undertaking" and our cover of the Scott Walker original "Rhymes of Goodbye".